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Watch this documentary about David Rosenmann-TaubGreat artists, like great scientists, are a necessity. They reveal truths essential to mankind if it is to advance. Through intellect, emotion, sound, rhythm, and line, they impart their extraordinary knowledge to us and lead us to understand the laws they derive from it. They cast a new light on the interrelation between the human condition and the mysteries of nature. David Rosenmann-Taub is such an artist.

The Corda Foundation, a tax-exempt public charity, was organized in 2000 by a group of writers, artists, educators and other professionals who feel strongly that the works of Rosenmann-Taub must be preserved and must receive the attention they merit.


Still from Video "Salome"
Still from Video "Yo creyera para no creer"
Still Image from "Rhythms of a Multiverse".
Video "Broken Memory".
Drawings "La Noche Antes" and "En El Secador".
Still Image from "Rhythms of a Multiverse".
Score for "Sonata".
Still from Video "Reflejos Elementales (Elemental Reflections)".
Video "Apresto"
CD Cover for "Conversaciones".
Still Image from "Rhythms of a Multiverse".
Still Image from "Rhythms of a Multiverse".
CD Cover for "Dagger of Life".
Still Image from "Rhythms of a Multiverse".
Still Image from "Rhythms of a Multiverse".
Still Image from "Rhythms of a Multiverse".
Still Image from "Rhythms of a Multiverse".
Drawings "Vivir" and "Yo".
Score for "Depeapa".
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TílimtilínTílimtilín, the new book from David Rosenmann-Taub, is a work on which he labored for decades. Its one hundred seventy-five poems are distributed in two sections: Tílim: psalms: ocean of fantasies. And obvious disillusionment. The power of fantasy against reality. Tilín: a warning bell signaling a true, at times apparently mysterious, reality. The defense of the true reality.

Cover illustration: the creation of the author, and relevant to the book's content: many eyes : a manifestation of certainties.

Published in December 2021 by LOM Ediciones (Santiago de Chile).

Poems and Commentaries

Poems and Commentaries, Kenneth GorfkleDavid Rosenmann-Taub: Poems and Commentaries. An Anthology of Poems with a New Translational Strategy. Kenneth Gorfkle endeavors to unlock the meaning of 44 poems through an interpretative strategy that glosses and paraphrases the verses in both English and Spanish.  The selection provides a broad general vision of the poet's thought. Separate editions in Spanish and English were published by The University of North Carolina Press in March 2020.

Kenneth Gorfkle earned his PhD in Spanish Literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has studied David Rosenmann-Taub’s poetry for years.